Friday, March 7, 2014

Enough..!!! - a short film

Made for a film making competition in 2013. From scratch to finish.. all within two days on a topic that was given on the spot. And not to say, Absolutely Zero Budget :D

hard work finally bears fruit :)

Much Appreciation received from the Animation Director on my performance in The Octonauts series. Thank you So... much Ma'am... I'm honored  :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Octonauts - My project at Crest Animation Studios

The OCTONAUTS are a team of under sea Adventurers who are always ready to dive into action! Their mission: To Explore new Underwater Worlds, Rescue Amazing sea creatures and protect the Ocean.
Working in Collaboration with two times Academy Awards Nominee Studio, Brown Bag Films (U.K.), Crest has produced this Gem of a TV show for kids that is taking the world by storm. The show is a massive hit worldwide among kids and their parents Alike for its unmatched appeal. It is a well thought of series that aims to instill important general knowledge about sea and sea creatures in the minds of viewers while viewers are immersed in solving the mystery with octonauts characters.
The Show has recently been nominated at the Emmy Awards 2013. Its ever increasing demand has expanded its broadcast in other countries and now has almost covered the globe. Its Archetype characters have gained top favorite spot in viewer's mind globally and its craze can be felt at various internet blogs, Facebook pages,online communities and people who put genuine videos of kids expressing their affection for the Octonauts characters. Merchandising is another success for this wonderful show.

[Image Courtesy : Brown Bag Films, (U.K.)]
Great Learning Experience - It was indeed an Awesome experience, I learned a lot from the entire process. Firstly , It was a project on 3DS MAX, secondly, Working with world class studio.Working in a pipeline that is Efficient and Super productive. Thirdly, Understanding the Mindset of Toddlers as the show was aimed at children. It was the most crucial part to keep the animation simple yet strong.Any unnecessary/violent/very rapid or very subtle movement could divert the attention/interest of the toddler or could harm their sensitive mind. So, we had to really plan out each shot in the most simplified yet effective manner. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Being Awarded by The Legends :)

The Occasion -- Receiving First Prize in the Concept and StoryBoard Design Competition.
Where -- Held on the occasion of CGTExpo '10 at Nehru auditorium,Haji Ali, Mumbai.
About the Competition -- The Target of the competition was to Design an original Concept for a short film , Write its proper Script and Do StoryBoard for it.The topic which was given On the Spot and we had only 4 hours for the whole process.
What We Did -- It was two member teams. Me and my one Partner Friend, We not only just Did what was asked But also Did The Character Designs and the Prop Designs. Moreover we were also Ready to Give more Concept Ideas and storyboards but were allowed only one entry and when the results were out we knew that One was enough :)
The Jury -- The Jury Duo were The Living Legends of the Animation & Film Industry. Mr. Ram Mohan , Veteran Animator & Chairman,Graphiti Multimedia,Pvt. ltd.. Who is considered as the Pioneer of the Indian Animation Industry. &
Mr. Raman Hui...from DreamWorks. Original Character Designer and Co-Director of Shrek Movies.. Also has directed many shorts including Kung-Fu Panda's The Secrets of the Furious Five.
I was Truly Honored By this achievement and was amongst the Best Times of my Life :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Old College work.....DAFM 9th Animation Showreel

This was the Collaborative Animation Work we Did in ZICA.. It Has some of my Shots as well. Also the titling in AE was done by me.. :) initial student works :)